What to Bring in Your RV

Preparing for any vacation can make your time away more relaxing and pleasant. If you are planning a stay at a recreational vehicle park in Sweeny, you may be wondering what to pack to keep your trip fun and safe. By bringing the right supplies, you are more likely to enjoy your visit and be able to take advantage of the available RV park amenities. Camping-survival-items

Safety and Hygiene Necessities

  • First aid kit stocked with hydrogen peroxide, bandages in several sizes, gauze, medical tape, tweezers, antibacterial ointment, non-stick sterile pads, and over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • Mesh laundry bags to keep clothing organized.
  • Towels and wash cloths. These often dry more slowly than people expect, so bring a few extra.
  • Flip flops to wear in communal showers or pool areas.

Outdoor Recreation Supplies

  • Lawn chairs for relaxing outside.
  • Fishing poles. Some parks offer stocked ponds.
  • Insect repellent to protect you from mosquito bites.
  • Sunscreen to protect your skin from the discomfort of sunburn.
  • Hat, visor, or sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • Roasting poles for marshmallows or hot dogs.
  • Swimsuits to enjoy pools and hot tubs when available.
  • Comfortable shoes for walking and hiking.

Vehicle Maintenance Supplies

  • Waste water hose and rubber gloves to protect your hands from germs.
  • Bacterial additive for the waste water tank.
  • Fresh water hose, stored separately from the one used for waste water.
  • Heavy duty extension cord at least 25 feet in length to reach electric hookups.
  • Wheel blocks and trailer levelers in case they aren’t supplied at the park.
Many RV resorts have a lot to offer travelers, but bringing a few essentials is necessary for a comfy trip. RV camping is a great getaway option and by packing a few practical supplies, you can help make sure that your RV camping experience is fun and safe for you and your family.