Tips for Grilling a Great Burger

As a long day of exploring new places in your RV winds to a close, nothing hits the spot quite like a great burger cooked over a grill. Instead of plunking down your hard-earned cash at a restaurant, take advantage of RV park amenities in Sweeny, Texas and show off your grill skills!

Your family will love digging into juicy burgers, and you can even have a cook-off with your new friends on RV vacation to see who is the true master of the grill, thanks to RV park supplies. Start with ground beef that has a 20% fat content so that the meat stays moist. Simple seasonings such as salt, pepper, and garlic are all you need to make a delicious burger with excellent flavor. Grill each side of the patty for about 3 minutes over direct heat, and then for another 2 minutes over indirect heat. Grab the condiments and fixings you want out of your RV and let your friends and family dress their burgers up how they like them. This is just one tasty meal to enjoy during your time in a luxury RV park!

grilling - burger