How to Hook Up Your RV

Whether you are going on an RV vacation in Sweeny, Texas for the first time or have visited RV parks multiple times, it’s essential to know how to hook up your RV. It can be fun to go off the grid and get away from civilization for a while, but after some time you may want to take advantage of an RV hookup to get electricity and water. Watch this brief video to learn how to hook up your RV at the RV park.

Before you hook up your electricity, make sure your circuit breaker is in the off position. Check to see how many amps the hookup is, and use an adapter if you need to. Hook up your clean water using a white hose that is clean and free of contaminants. This will allow you to have running water in your sink and shower in your RV. If you are unsure of how to hook up certain parts of your RV, talk to your RV park neighbors or staff members for tips and tricks.