Helpful RVing Tips

Whether you are new to the world of RV camping in Sweeny, or you are a long-time expert, learning some new tips never hurt anyone. The helpful tips in the attached video are great when traveling or stopping at an RV resort. Watch the video for more helpful tips when you are RVing.

  • Stack your dishes with cloth napkins in between. This will keep them from rattling or breaking. You can wash the napkins after using them at an RV laundromat.
  • Keep baking soda handy. The open box can sit in your refrigerator, removing bad food odors, and you can use it as a non-toxic cleaner.
  • To keep your BBQ grill clean, put tinfoil inside the lid. This will keep grease and food from building up.
  • When washing your RV, use a long-handled squeegee to reach the high walls of your RV.