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Helpful RVing Tips

Tips for RVers

Whether you are new to the world of RV camping, or you are a long-time expert, learning some new tips & tricks can always come in handy. Watch this helpful video by RV Geeks for great reminders when traveling on the road or stopping at an RV resort.

Let’s recap some additional tips a little later in this article that will be helpful as well.

Inside the RV:

  • Stack your dishes with cloth napkins in between. This will keep them from rattling or breaking. You can wash the napkins after using them at an RV laundromat, like the one at Stonebridge RV Park in Sweeny, Texas.
  • Keep baking soda handy. The open box can sit in your refrigerator, removing bad food odors, and you can use it as a non-toxic cleaner.
  • A cooler dedicated to holding lots of ice.
  • Hand sanitizer, wipes and lots of towels.
  • Make all areas and items into storage space (sitting areas should open for storage inside; hang things on the backs & insides of doors & cabinets).
  • Bunge cords help keep cabinets from opening while enroute.
  • Shelf liners keep things from sliding around.
  • A can opener, a wine opener, coffee pot, coffee cups & filters, a sharp knife, a cutting board, aluminum foil, baggies, and heavy duty trash bags.
  • Bins and drawers for inside cabinets creates many more compartments for storing different items.
  • A good mattress pad will make every night and day better.
  • Keep tanks smelling fresh right from the start by cleaning often and dumping regularly. The fresh water tank can be sanitized regularly with a mixture of bleach and water. Find the best black water tank cleaner on the market, and use it as often as recommended.
  • Put screens over all drains to prevent food and other debris from going down the drains.
  • A fire extinguisher.

Outside the RV:

  • To keep your BBQ grill clean, put tinfoil pan underneath. This will keep grease and food from building up. Rubbing a lemon half over the grill surface will keeping food from sticking.
  • An outdoor rug or mat will create an outdoor living space for entertaining and relaxing.
  • Bring some good chairs and a folding table.
  • Store a few wood blocks that be can used to help with leveling.
  • Keep your fresh water hose and sewer hose in separate, marked bins.
  • Always keep the black water valve closed.
  • Must have tools in your kit should include a cordless drill, a cordless screwdriver, extra charged battery packs, a socket set, tape, bungee cords, string, rope, a lighter, latex gloves, a water pressure regulator, an electric plug adapter and a surge protector.
  • Keep a high-powered flashlight handy.
  • Two-way radios or walkie-talkies will come in handy for numerous undertakings.

Now some tips on the more personal side:

  • LED candles help create an awesome ambiance without having to worry about a fire hazard.
  • Find basic toiletries that everyone can share (body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion); less is more.
  • A varietal play-list and a blue-tooth speaker.
  • Must have items include hat(s), a backpack, sunscreen, water bottles, rain ponchos or umbrellas, rain boots, swim-suits, flip-flops for community showers and a first aid kit.
  • Cards, games, fishing poles and a miscellaneous craft box (if you have kids).
  • Toilet paper! (bio-degradable)

Whether you’re just beginning or your very experienced, RVing is a lifestyle that can be enjoyed by anyone!